Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Emperor protects!

So Saturday found the Sisters on the battle field against the men of the Cadian 55th.  1500 point game against a mechanized opponent didn't feel like it was going to end well.  It was bloody and brutal to say the least.  4 objectives, spearhead deployment.  The sisters took the field with a cannoness and celestines in a repressor, two squads of sisters one over sized at 17 members and one in a rhino, both with heavy flamer and melta.  a seraphim squad, a dominion squad in an immolator and of course an exorcist.

When you have nothing left, hunt tanks.

The game came down to turn 7, with a draw.  The sisters....all 5 of them holding on for dear life.  We had three sisters left from squad one, one veteran sister left from squad two, both squads holding on to objectives for dear life.  the last member of the team left, a really really pissed off seraphim who spent the later part of the game tank hunting by herself.

early in the game squad two's rhino was destroyed causing them to walk.  We did manage to knock out the vendetta mid game giving us a bit more breathing room.  Mid game also saw the command team actually fail a moral check and run off the board edge 5 inches from them at the time.  The seraphim took big losses to the imperial guard veterans who disembarked from the burning vendetta, only to be driven down and killed like dogs in a sweeping advance made by the lone surviving seraphim.  She would spend the rest of the game tank hunting, and destroying one Leman Russ in the process.

Three tanks, and mortars...pray allot
It was a brutal brutal game, and I made some huge mistakes, my opponent was robbed of a well earned win by the grace and luck of the Emperors light.  As they say the Emperor protects, and he likes me best.