Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fires of Battle

Tonight the Sisters took the field this evening with the loyal men of the space marines to scour the field of battle clean of the scum of Choas and their Ork slaves.

What you see here is the start of the bottom of turn 5. It is the forces of Ruin's turn to go. Two squads of sisters and one of their rhinos hold the center line and the objective. The red blob in the crater is the Khorn Bezerker squad who just had their rhino blown up from under them by the sisters and their melta. The exorcist lays immobilized and missing its rocket launcher. This would be the most significant loss for the sisters that night. Against all odds, the Sisters only lost 4 of their number in the final charge of the bezerkers before the game ended. Two in the shooting phase and two in close combat. We even managed to kill one of them in the process. All of this accomplished with out spending any faith points. Of course they would have been wiped clean come turn six.